The 2022 Elections are On ! That didn’t take long.

On Monday President Biden gave an address to the nation, to make certain all Americans know that 500,000 people have so far died of the Coronavirus. The message was delivered with a triple helping of the trademark Biden sincerity, and it is reported that from coast to coast, diabetics who were watching were rushed to the hospital. 

Biden’s message? If we all pull together, “We can do this,” meaning, one supposes, get past the pandemic and get our lives back.

Earth to Biden. “We” are doing this. We have been doing this for  a year. and we are winning. New cases and hospitalizations are dropping like a stone.  Experts at Johns Hopkins report that the U.S. will achieve “herd immunity” by April. [Largely ignored by the media, you can read the news in the side bar.]——————->

States like Florida and others have proved that schools and small businesses can safely open, people can go to work, seniors can be protected  and loved ones do not need to live in isolation.

But Biden, his experts and media shills are still selling fear. Why? Pure distraction from the Biden pursuit of an agenda most Amercans do not support, and at this particular moment, cover to pass “Covid Relief” legislation that is a monument to Congressional “pork:” give aways to failed Democrat governors and the major donors and lobbyists  who evidently can enter the Capitol with ease, unimpeded by 7,500 National Guard, riot fencing, concertina wire and metal detectors.  [Also in the side bar]—————–>

It is said the story Biden has in his head is that he will enter the history books as another President Roosevelt (FDR), boldly taking American where no president has gone before. So it’s understandable that he is in a hurry, as even he must know (maybe) he does not have much time. Biden tried to come out of the gate sprinting for the history books but has stumbled badly, pursuing policies dear to the hearts of the ruling class elitists, but of little interest to and with little support among  most Americans.

Day One, he launched the assault on fossil fuel energy to achieve the Green New Deal in which most Americans have no interest.

Ask Americans do they want to save the planet, and I’m confident  most will say “Sure.” Then they will ask you, “From what?” But climate change  obsesses the jet setting governing class, and in his messianic zeal to show the world “America is back,” Biden is prepared to put tens of thousands and more Americans out of work or out in the cold and dark of the pre-electric age, as the catastrophe in Texas demonstrates. [Read “Green New Deal Blues” below.]

Biden and the Gender Studies, science denying Transformationists (the new Progressive religion) believe as do most Americans that transgendered people have rights that should be respected. But ask Americans if that extends to biological boys competing in girls sports and most will respond, “Are you crazy? The guys [the language of this theology is evolving] will blow the girls away.”

But by Executive Order/Royal Decree, too bad young female athletes and their parents.

And while Americans have heard all the arguments and concluded that the children should be back in school, Biden can’t face down the teachers’ unions.

Biden is swinging for the fences and striking out.

At a town hall event hosted by CNN, he asserted that he came into office with no Corornavirus vaccine, after 36 million (Biden included!) had already been vaccinated at a rate of 1 million per day, and accelerating since to over 60 million.

In the same venue, with grammar and syntax that no one with advanced degrees in both  English and Engineering could diagram, Biden excused the genocidal abuse of the Uighurs by the Chinese Communist Party as a function of different “cultural norms.”

So the holocaust which resulted from the homocidal antipathy of ethnic Germans to ethnic Jews is now to be dismissed as just a clash of cultural norms?

Biden put the U.S. back into the World Health Organization (WHO), easily the most corrupt of the many corrupt agencies of the United Nations and complicit with their Chinese patrons in the spread of the Coronavirus. In return, the Chinese allowed a compromised mission from the WHO into China, a year late and after the Chinese wiped the Wuhan laboratory of any useful evidence. The Chinese hosts gave their buddies the run around, wine and dine treatment and they dutifully pronounced that there really isn’t any evidence the virus came from China, but Australia looks like a possible source.

The Biden State Department then sternly told the Chinese Communist Party they will have to be more transparent.  That Joe Biden! He’s one tough negotiator.

The president took the Houthi rebels in Yemen off the terrorist list and they immediately celebrated by launching rocket attacks into Saudi Arabia. And Biden is telling the Iranians that he thinks their word can be trusted if they promise not to build a deliverable nuclear weapon. They showed their appreciation when one of their proxy militias in Iraq struck at a U.S. airbase, and another at the Green Zone in Baghdad.

In a possibly hopeful sign, on Friday afternoon the U.S. military conducted a missle strike on an alleged Iranian backed terrorist base in Syria. Why Syria, not the source of the Iranian backed actions in Iraq, is not clear. A shot across the bow? Hopefully. Because an undeterred Iran leads inevitably to Iran with a deliverable nuclear weapon.

But don’t worry. Before that happens the Israelis will hit the Mulllahs with everything they have, and a State Department staffed with anti-Semites will wag their fingers at Israel; about the only example of American leadership with which Europeans, with their hundreds of years of virulent anti-Semitism will concur.

While U.S. schools are closed, the southern border is wide open. Illegal felons get a get-out-of-jail-free card. A hundred thousand “refugees” are right now being “processed” into the U.S. from Mexico, along with 3,000 poor and uneducated Central American immigrants a day (1 million a year and rising) to be employed, housed, educated – health care provided –  at the expense of the only people who will be taxed for it, the American middle class.

As noted above  but avoided by the self debasing and decadent media, Covid cases and hospitalizations are dropping rapidly in the U.S. So of course, this is the perfect time to introduce a wave of immigration from one of the most Covid positive regions in the world.

Perhaps most dangerously and egregiously, Chief Magistrate Biden, sworn to “preserve, protect and defend” the Constitution of the United States, has nothing at all to say about the all out, fascist assault on free speech and the other constitutionally guaranteed  freedoms of the American people. [Below, a MUST read from Glen Greenwald.]

And as NY Governor Andrew Cuomo crashes and burns for the galactically failed bully he is, Biden threatens to prohibit travel in and out of Florida, to punish the governor who got right the response to the pandemic.

Small wonder former President Trump will take the public stage this weekend for the first time since leaving office at a venue in the “Free State of Florida” [I’m waiting for the ad campaign]. Every one of the 75 million who voted for him – and more – will pay attention.

The 2022 elections are on.

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In the side bar, from the excellent Glenn Greenwald 


House Democrats, Targeting Right-Wing Cable Outlets, Are Assaulting Core Press Freedoms

Democrats’ justification for silencing their adversaries online and in media — “they are spreading fake news and inciting extremism” — is what despots everywhere say.


Green New Deal Blues: Houston, we have a problem.

Two weeks ago, arctic cold gripped Northern Europe and the German green energy grid almost collapsed, solar panels iced over and wind turbines frozen immobile. Coal and natural gas powered  generating facilities staved off a catastrophe in Germany, and in other parts of Europe nuclear power was available to augment the coal and gas powered power plants.  Last week the same weather struck the U.S. from Texas into the north. The catastrophe in Texas was not avoided.

It is fairly argued that the severe weather in Texas was a one off, once in a generation phenomenon. Alexander Ocasio Cortes (AOC), the New York Times and the Green New Deal corporate subsidy lobby were all quick to make the point.

But that is not the case in the northern U.S., from New England down to Buffalo and across the Great Lakes and upper mid west, to the high plains and across the Rockies to the Pacific north west. Texas gets about 25 percent of its energy from renewables. It is not fanciful to imagine a more frequent and even greater catastrophe in the northern U.S. if that number rises to 50, 75 or 100 percent.

Aircraft are de-iced at airports around the world before take-off, so one assumes wind turbines can be de-iced and solar panels cleared of snow and ice. That’s a lot of people power required, maybe tens or a hundred thousand or more spread out across the U.S.

Is that where Climate Czar Kerry plans to find jobs in the renewable energy industry for laid off pipeline and drilling workers, for the hundreds of thousands of unskilled, illiterate immigrants headed to the U.S. southern border and the legion of otherwise unemployable Gender Studies majors graduating U.S. colleges and universities every year: a national Renewable Energy Maintenance Corp, to rival FDR’s Works Project Administration?

Has that been priced into the subsidies?