In America, only Americans can steal elections

Rob Rosenstein, the Number Two at the Department of Justice (DOJ) held a rush-job press conference last Friday to tell an anxious nation the all important news that the “straight shooter” Special Prosecutor that he appointed to “get to the bottom” of Trump/Russian collusion is getting results.

Thirteen Russians who will never set foot in an American courtroom have been indicted for “interfering” with the 2016 presidential election and, in its aftermath, “sowing discord” among the American people.

The facts? Thirteen (count them, thirteen) Russian temps were hired to set up dummy organizations and posed as Americans to contact and encourage a handful among many thousands of campaign volunteers, organized a couple of pro and anti Trump rallies no one attended and sent out some social media read by maybe a couple of hundred thousand Americans – or at any rate, people in the U.S.

The readers may have been citizens, maybe not. They may have been illegal aliens, maybe not. They may have been registered to vote, maybe not. They may have been brain dead idiots addicted to social media, maybe not.

What the DOJ uncovered was the Keystone Cops playing at American politics. But on cue, the American “news” and political establishment is treating this as an existential threat to American democracy. By Sunday the NY Times, which beat the drums for the disastrous war on Iraq, was head-lining the “Struggle Against Russia.”

Russia, Russia, Russia.

This is what is called a “conditioned response,” a term introduced into science in the early 20th century by Ivan Pavlov – a Russian. The irony is exquisite. Putin must be howling in laughter, as he watches the American media salivate at the mention of Russia, when there is “no there there; ” the way Pavlov’s famous dogs salivated at the sight of lab coats worn by the people who regularly fed the dogs, even when others wore the coats and carried no food.

To put this in perspective, the Russians are alleged to have favored Trump, Sanders and third party candidate Jill Stein. Viewed from outside the U.S., all three are what in Russia we call “dissidents” – anti-establishment types – who we support in Russia and many nations with the “interference” organized by the State Department, CIA and other agencies with “direct ties” to the U.S. government.

Familiar words.

In Russia, the establishment candidate (Putin) is supported and the dissidents are undermined  by the active participation in the elections of various government agencies, the same way the U.S. Department of Justice, FBI and Intelligence “community” interfered in our 2016 election, supported the establishment candidate (Clinton) and used various “dirty tricks” to undercut the dissident Donald Trump.

Friday’s dramatic, rush-job press conference sounds suspiciously like the DOJ took the information of ongoing FBI surveillance of American political activity (which has been going on for decades – Dr. King, the Civil Rights Movement, Viet Nam War protests, environmental activists), and dressed it up as the “results” of the Special Prosecutor.

It was a sham; but to what purpose?

The Special Prosecutor, DOJ and FBI are feeling the heat from a public wondering just what they have been spending millions to investigate, wondering what has been going on among the leadership of the FBI and DOJ, wondering how many DOJ, State Department, FBI and Intelligence officers were working as adjuncts to the Clinton campaign, and wondering how the FBI missed the blazing “red flags” sent up by the shooter at the Florida high school?

My perspective? The Russians have no real idea how to effectively meddle in U.S. elections, because they have no real experience of democratic elections. That takes pros, like the Clintons and Obama.

There is a scene in the classic Western movie, “The Magnificent Seven” (1960 original), in which the leader of the Mexican bandits explains to the leader of the good guys why his bandits prey on the Mexican village the good guys are helping. He tells a story.

“Once I rob a bank in Texas. Your government gets after me with a whole army. Whole army! One little bank. It’s clear to me, the meaning? In Texas, only Texans can rob banks.”

In America, only Americans can steal elections. Russians need not apply.

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