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Senators Durbin and Graham ran up to the White House with a “bi-partisan” deal on immigration. It was a con. When that failed, they tried to shame and bully the president with cries of “racist.”

What made that farce worth a try? Power and money.

The number of members in the House of Representatives from each state, like the percentage of dollars from federal programs flowing to each state is determined by the federal census. The more people counted, the more political clout and money. This explains the passion of Democratic and liberal politicians for immigrants, legal and otherwise.

One of the “Great Compromises” that made possible ratification of the U.S. Constitution in 1787 was that in the census (Article I, Section Two) which determined representation in the House, slaves would be included in the count.

As a result, for example, Pennsylvania got six members and Virginia ten; because Virginia counted almost 293,000 slaves, but Pennsylvania only about 4,000.

In the same way that southern slave holders wanted slaves counted in the first census in 1790, Democratic governors and mayors today want illegal immigrants on their modern plantations counted in the 2020 census. And they want to run the count up.

It’s a number game. Liberals want to abort babies of color – by the millions, over the decades –  and import children and adults of color. Over 50% of abortions are black and Hispanic, in a population only 20% black and Hispanic. Gotta keep the numbers up.

Middle class blacks are abandoning Rahm Imanuel’s sanctuary city Chicago by the tens of thousands, fleeing crime and failing schools. Middle class whites, Hispanics and blacks are fleeing California by the hundreds of thousands, to escape high taxes, skyrocketing costs of housing and a growing  infrastructure failure. The mayor and governor need replacements.

California newspapers recently reported that The San Francisco Bay Area lost more than 600,000 residents between 2000 and 2009. The trend leveled off, but now is shooting up again. “In 2016, some 26,000 more people left the Bay Area than arrived. Losses in the Los Angeles-Orange County area have gone from 42,000 in 2011 to 88,000 this year. San Diego…is now losing around 8,000 net “migrants” [defined as people moving in or out] annually.”

Project those numbers out to the 2020 census and, “California, we’ve got a problem.”

Politico put it directly: “Fear is rising among Democrats over the prospect that President Donald Trump’s hard line on immigration might ultimately cost California a seat in Congress during the upcoming round of reapportionment.”


Solution? Immigration, mostly illegal.

That’s the debate. Who does the government of the United States represent? Who, exactly, are the “We the people” for whom the Constitution speaks? Citizens, or everybody in the United States?

In 1787, that question was decided by the elites of each state who wrote the Constitution. They came down on the side of money, slave holder and land owner money, in order to get a “United” States.

Today, that question is being decided by, on the one hand,  mostly liberal and corporate elites who benefit from the low wages that are a consequence of unchecked immigration of poorly educated, low skilled workers into the U.S.; and on the other hand, the people already in the U.S., citizens and legal residents alike.

And the political elites who represent them.

The decision making process to date has been elite to elite  –  a closed circuit – until Donald Trump opened up the discussion to include those who have been disadvantaged by the politics of the elites; sending elites into the stratosphere of sanctimony.

The other day, the aptly named Senator Flake gave a speech to the Senate (largely empty) worthy of a high school valedictorian. The best part was his reference to George Orwell, and truth.

The Senator purported to have read Orwell . Or his speech writer did. Whichever, they should read it again, and this time try for understanding. Flake’s speech was a triumph of the “Orwellian” use of language to invert its meaning.

He wrapped himself in a defense of a free press, equating to truth what most Americans now realize is propaganda. He tried to sell that con by equating the vacuous, elitist talking heads on network news to journalists who risk their lives in war zones or reporting on despotic regimes in the third world.

Orwell times two.

America’s established elites are reacting to a political tsunami that breached the Electoral College “Blue Wall,” which was set off by the destruction of the prosperity of the American middle class and continues to roll over the American political landscape.

The resolution of this conflict will shape American society for a generation or more.

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